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Heaven In Your Eyes (2012)


Heaven In Your Eyes ( 2012)은 님이   감독 Pedro Pablo Ibarra 하고 주연 한  영화입니다  Aislinn Derbez, Mané de la ParraPepe, a very talented singer, but not very sure about himself, is going to sing on FICLA and he is very nervous. The same day of the contest, he meets Abril, a very beautiful astronomer. Pepe thinks she is the perfect woman for him, because there is a lot of chemistry between both of them, and he thinks it’s love at first sight. Nevertheless she is getting married that night. What could Pepe do in a very short time? Which plans does the destiny have for him?

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출시 : Mar 02, 2012

런타임 :  0 min.

장르 : 

별 : Aislinn Derbez, Mané de la Parra, Jaime Camil, Danna García

감독 : Pedro Pablo Ibarra


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